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Taking on the Goliath of Doom from the Land of the Rising Sun

The Japanese whaling fleet is so threatened by Sea Shepherd's history of successful interventions that they have officially appealed to the governments ofAustralia and New Zealand to detain our vessels and to not allow them to depart for the Southern Oceans.

At the same time the Japanese are boasting that they will kill 50 endangered humpbacks and they will kill Migaloo the famous white whale if they come across him. In addition they will kill 50 endangered Fin and nearly a thousand defenseless piked whales.

The Japanese whalers are so arrogant that they believe they can smack Aussies and Kiwis across the face with the insult of targeting Australia's beloved humpbacks and at the same time they expect Australia and New Zealand to "protect" them from interventions by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

The Japanese arrogance on this issue has evolved to a point where they are intentionally targeting highly endangered whales like humpbacks and fins in a Whale Sanctuary in violation of the global moratorium on commercial whaling and yet despite this blatantly illegality they are accusing the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and even pacifist Greenpeace of being "eco-terrorists and pirates."

Now I don't have any problem with the pirate bit. It's a little romantic and after all it was the pirate Henry Morgan who ended piracy in the Caribbean and not the British Royal Navy or the British politicians who were on the take and more concerned with illicit profits then upholding the law - sort of like politicians today actually.

But this "eco-terrorist" label is just plain and simply nonsense. If I was a "terrorist" then I would not be allowed to reside where I live in the United States. I would not be able to hold a passport and to travel freely and I would be on the no fly lists. As it is I have no criminal record, and Sea Shepherd has never caused a single injury to a single person in our 30 year history.

But what is an eco-terrorist really? By definition it is a person or group that terrorizes the environment or by destroying the environment thereby terrorizes humanity. By this definition the Japanese whaling fleet is a terrorist organization.

In the last two years the Japanese whaling fleet through negligence and incompetence has caused the death of two Japanese seaman. One died in a fire onboard the Nisshin Maru last February and one man was crushed in a conveyor belt on the Nisshin Maru this past summer. And there have been other casualties and numerous injuries in the past. This ship has a reputation as a death ship.

And this death ship has illegally slaughtered tens of thousands of gentle intelligent whales in ways that are barbarically gruesome, cruel and repugnant. These ruthless whalers have literally spilled thousands of gallons of hot blood into the cold seas and they have the gall to refer to those who block their harpoons as "violent."

This is like the Nazi who routinely described the Jews as violent terrorists as they rounded them up and exterminated them. You see the Japanese whalers can afford expensive public relation firms whose business is really to spin lies into "truths" and to convince the public through gross deception and arrogant posturing that black is white and two plus two equals five.

The Japanese constantly state that they are involved in "research whaling" yet there has not been a single peer reviewed scientific paper ever published from this so called research. They have also admitted that they would not be doing this "research" if they could not sell the whale meat at a profit. If they are doing any research at all it is in product development and marketing - trying to sell mercury poisoned whale and dolphin meat to a gullible public who destroy their own health in the name of patriotism.

The Japanese say that whaling is a tradition although commercial whaling was really introduced to them in the last century by the Norwegians and encouraged by the Americans. The Japanese say that whaling is a matter of national pride. What kind of sick perverse culture can take pride in the cruel and bloody slaughter of whales and dolphins? oh yes, I almost forgot, the same culture responsible for the Rape of Nanking and the beheading of Australian, American, Canadian and Dutch soldiers and civilians.

The Japanese whalers believe that Japan's reputation as an international economic bully allows them to dictate this sick morality to the rest of the world where they call non-violent whale defenders terrorists as they spill lakes of steaming blood into the sea.

What Japan is allowing to be done to the whales and dolphins is a crime against the Earth and a crime against humanity. Slaughtering entire families of dolphins on their beaches by the thousands, driving cruel harpoons into defenseless endangered whales in the Southern Oceans and the North Pacific, this is an evil and disgusting morality and one which every civilized person on this planet should rise up and denounce.

The red ball on the Japanese flag symbolizes blood and it is that blot of cruel blood on a white background that symbolized Japanese arrogance in staining the decency that humanity could be capable of.

In the distant future, if we have a future, people are going to look back in astonishment at the brutality of our generations - the insane wars, the starvation, the racism and the horrendous slaughter of sentient life forms and they will be ashamed that they descended from such indecency, such arrogance and such amazing ignorance.

And there are those blinkered individuals who will say that this essay is racist because we are targeting the Japanese. My answer to this is that we are not targeting the nation of Japan because of the colour of their skin or their culture. I happen to be a great admirer of many thing Japanese and I am well versed in Japanese history but this on-going atrocity against the whales and dolphins is not part of Japanese culture. It is a modern perversion driven by greed and arrogant pride on the part of a few Japanese people who are painting their entire nation with the shame of their behaviour. This whaling industry is controlled by the Yakusa and is not an activity the average Japanese person supports. In fact the average Japanese person does not even eat whale or dolphin meat.

These animals are dying in agony so that an elite few can eat whale meat and boast that they can do whatever they wish with nature because it is their will to do so. And these greed driven criminals, and criminals are what they are, have used their illicit profits, their blood money to hire public relations whores to defend their atrocities and to accuse those of us who attempt to end the slaughter of being violent and dangerous people.

I have never hurt a single whaler in my life nor do I ever intend to but they have shot at my crew and I, assaulted my crew and I, and threatened our lives, yet their public relations mouthpieces defend this as defending their culture.

Strip away the illusions peppered by the P.R. firms throughout the media and it is plain to see who the real criminals and terrorists are.

Killing highly endangered species in a whale Sanctuary in violation of a global moratorium on commercial whaling are crimes. Trying to stop this insanity through non-violent tactics is simply attempting to uphold the rule of law against criminal actions.

Fortunately the governments of Australia and New Zealand are not so beholden to Japanese economic leverage that they will jump without hesitation to do the bidding of these ruthless killers or at least their people will not tolerate them doing so.

What Australia and New Zealand should do is to send their navies down to the Southern Oceans to uphold the laws were are trying to enforce.

And if they do that, we need not do so. We would happily surrender our efforts to a serious effort on the part of New Zealand and Australia to do more than just posture and talk about saving the whales.

Freitag, 2. November 2007

Surfers Return To Taiji And Expose Pilot Whale Slaughter

Less than 24 hours after professional surfer and Sea Shepherd supporter Dave Rastovich led an international group of over 30 surfers, celebrities, and musicians on a peaceful paddle-out ceremony to honor the more than 25,000 dolphins killed each year in Japan, fishermen in the tiny village of Taiji resumed the slaughter that had been delayed by the increased worldwide media attention.

In response, the surfers decided in solidarity to make a pre-dawn return to the killing cove to recreate the ceremony, albeit with fewer people to evade detection. Rastovich and the others paddled within a stone's throw of a pod of captive pilot whales and their calves who had been herded into the cove for early morning slaughter.

"The reason we surfers were there was to share the blood-stained waters at eye-level with our ocean kin awaiting their execution," said a dripping, visibly shaken Rastovich, just after paddling in. "Despite the fishermen taking great pains to hide their acts of cruelty, we seized an opportunity to bring this travesty to the world's attention."

Taiji-area fishermen, who kill dolphins and whales for their meat, netted off the bay and constructed green tarps to shield the slaughter from prying eyes and front-line cetacean activists bent on shutting down the dolphin trade forever. When the surfers learned of the imminent slaughter, they did not hesitate to return, despite the distinct possibility of violent resistance and police arrest.

Rastovich and his core team of surfers, trailed by camera crews, arrived at the infamous Taiji cove to paddle out to the captured pilot whales. After entering the water, they quickly arrived alongside the whales, who swam back and forth along the edge of the seaward net.

The six paddlers, including Rastovich, his wife and mermaid model Hannah Fraser, Heroes TV star Hayden Panettiere, Australian actress Isabel Lucas, author Peter Heller, and professional surfer Karina Petroni, formed a traditional surfers' memorial circle situated between the whales and the blood-ridden shallows.

Local fishermen converged almost immediately, harassing the paddlers with threats and advancing on them with whirling propeller blades. The irate fishermen yelled "Why are you here? Go Home!" and then used a long wooden pole to attack and intimidate the surfers.

"Even though the fishermen used force to try and break us up, we held our peaceful stance. The feeling in the circle was of incredible strength," said Fraser.

With tensions escalating and the police sirens growing, the surfers quickly paddled back to shore where a distraught Panettiere fell to her knees sobbing, overwhelmed by the carnage she and the group had just witnessed.

"I couldn't believe how red the water was," said Panettiere. "The whales were so scared. Hopefully their deaths won't be in vain."

After hightailing it out of Taiji, the three-van convoy was stopped at the border of Wakayama prefecture by 30 policemen readied with a paddy wagon. After checking passports and questioning the group intently, the police waved the crew on their way.

Rastovich expressed extreme sorrow, saying, "With many nets and kill boats waiting beyond the cove, the fishermen's intense desire to kill left no room for escape."

Reflecting on the day's experience, a somber Lucas expressed that the worst part was that the whales are probably all dead by now. "We couldn't save these whales, but hopefully shining the light on their deaths will save others."

Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2007

Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2007

Robert Hunter Damage Repaired

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."

-- Joseph Goebbels, German Minister of Propaganda, 1933-1945

The bow of the Sea Shepherd ship Robert Hunter has been repaired. The damage was caused when our ship was deliberately rammed by the Japanese whaling ship Kaiko Maru in February of this year. The Japanese blamed us and accused the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society of deliberately ramming the Kaiko Maru. But it is not a question of we said and they said.

First of all if we had rammed the Kaiko Maru we would have proudly said so. We have always taken credit for our deliberate rammings. Secondly, the Australian Federal police did a forensic investigation of the damage. They have not released their results and we don't expect them to. We would have expected them to if they found us at fault but we are confident that their evidence supported our claim and for that reason we don't expect them to release any reports that might embarrass a major trading partner like Japan.

The best piece of evidence is that the support beams inside the bow of the Robert Hunter were bent forward. This meant that the hull was struck at an angle from behind. If the Robert Hunter had rammed the Kaiko Maru then the support beams would have been bent backwards towards the stern of the Robert Hunter.

The Japanese whaling fleet has an expensive public relations company working for them with branches in New Zealand and Australia. They have two messages to constantly trumpet to obscure the illegal activities they are undertaking in Antarctic waters. First they constantly claim they are doing scientific lethal research whaling and pretend that this "research" is supported under law. It is not. Secondly they continue to call Sea Shepherd an "eco-terrorist" group using the old Joseph Goebbels strategy that if you tell a lie often enough and with conviction, people will begin to believe it.

Public relations firms for every major environmentally destructive corporation in the world constantly accuse their critics of being eco-terrorists. The reality is that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has never had a crewmember, officer or volunteer convicted of a felony crime and there has never been a Sea Shepherd action that has resulted in a death or injury - neither caused nor sustained. In 30 years Sea Shepherd has had an unblemished record of non-violence. Sea Shepherd crewmembers travel freely internationally and there is, according to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, no open investigative file on the activities of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

So where does this eco-terrorism label come from? The answer is that it originates in the offices of public relations firms that are paid to create and disseminate lies.

The Japanese whaling fleet is targeting endangered fin and humpback whales and protected piked whales in the Southern Oceans Whale Sanctuary in violation of the global moratorium on commercial whaling and they are taking whales in the Australian Antarctic territorial waters in violation of Australian law. They are refueling their ships in Antarctic Treaty Zone areas in violation of the Antarctic Treaty and they are deliberately ramming Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace ships in remote Antarctic waters. These international environmental criminals have the audacity to call us "eco-terrorists" while they are illegally slaughtering whales. They even killed two of their own crewmembers this year through gross negligence.

The absurdity of their claims is even more clear when they condemn Greenpeace for being an eco-terrorist organization and all Greenpeace is doing down there is taking pictures of the whales that the Japanese are killing. Using a harpoon to savagely massacre whales is apparently non-violent in the eyes of Japan but taking a picture of a whale being harpooned is an act of terrorism. The inmates are clearly running this insane monkey house when violence is viewed as non-violent and non-violence is terrorism.

The Japanese research amounts to ridiculous positions like killing the whales to save them. They are doing research of course. A great deal of money and effort is going into marketing research to find ways new markets for whale meat and of course this also means product development research to find new ways to turn gentle intelligent creatures into marketable commodities. Yes, they say they use the entire whale and it is true because they waste nothing except for the whale itself.

This year Sea Shepherd is launching Operation Migaloo and it will be our most ambitious and expensive intervention to date against illegal Japanese whaling operations in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. We need every dollar, pound, euro, and Kruger rand we can get for fuel, equipment, reconnaissance, communications etc. We must stop the Japanese from murdering the rare humpbacks, the diminished populations of fins and the little piked whales.

In this campaign the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is upholding international conservation law in accordance with the principles of the United Nations World Charter for Nature. Outlined in bold are the measures that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society specifically refers to in connection with our activities in the Southern Oceans against illegal whaling.

Dienstag, 21. August 2007

Sea Shepherd Ship Farley Mowat Arrives in Bermuda

The Farley Mowat arrived in Bermuda on August 18, 2007 to undergo preparations for campaigns in 2008 in the North Atlantic.

The Farley Mowat dropped anchor in Hamilton Harbour after an 11,500 mile voyage from Melbourne, Australia. The ship and crew stopped briefly at Pitcairn Island and for a month in the Galapagos before proceeding via the Panama Canal to the Caribbean and north to Bermuda.

Along the way, the crew of the Farley Mowat were able to intercept and confiscate illegal longlines that were targeting sharks, manta rays, and large fish. Numerous marine animals were freed from the deadly hooks and released.

Captain Alex Cornelissen took the ship from Melbourne to the Galapagos, and Captain Paul Watson, Founder and President of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, took the vessel from the Galapagos on to Bermuda.

"Bermuda has always been a friendly port of call for Sea Shepherd ships," said Captain Watson. Sea Shepherd has stopped in Bermuda many times over the years. The original Sea Shepherd was a guest of the British Royal Navy from March to June 1979, and the Sea Shepherd ship Whales Forever stopped in Hamilton, Bermuda in 1994. The Farley Mowat stopped over in Bermuda from December 2004 to March 2005 and returned in April and May 2005.

"This is a small group of islands with an affinity for the sea and an appreciation for marine conservation. It's always a pleasure to stop over in Bermuda," said Captain Watson.